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Tips And Advice On Getting A Personal Astrology Reading

"Advice, tips and suggestions before getting a live, personal astrology or horoscope reading ... Advice on selecting astrologer ... Questions to ask an astrologer ... "

If You Want Real Insight Into Your Zodiac Sign - And Love Compatitibility - Call If what you want to know about is specific information about using our toll free number, the services and related information, we suggest visiting our Setting Started page. This section is more ... personal, shall we say, .... and relates to helping you select an astrologer, what questions to ask an astrologer, what to expect, tips, suggestions and general advice. This section is all about helping you have a great astrology reading experience. With that out of the way, let's get started.

What is most important is that you feel very comfortable with whomever you choose for an astrology reading. Use your intuition. Listen to your feelings. There will be a "connection" or there will not. We are dealing with the spiritual and mystical and what feels "right" and "good".

Before a reading, take some time to focused on what it is you really want to know and what you want to ask. The stars are going to align however they are going to align ... there is not much we can do about that. However, by getting your questions clear in your mind you can make your live, personal reading more "crisp" ... it will help your astrologer to know what specifics within Zodiac signs and what astrological calculations may need to be considered.

If you are calling for an astrology love reading, it is VERY helpful to have on hand the birthday of your lover, spouse or special someone. Get A Personal Horoscope Money Reading This equally applies to family members (if you are calling about home relationships and issues) and fellow workers (if you are calling about relationships at work). Simple as this sounds, it is surprising how many people call to ask astrologers questions about compatibility readings, birth chart insights and so forth but forgot to get the birth dates of the people involved.

Astrology can help you peak into the past as well as the future. Any question can be put to the astrological test ... about love, money, career, family relationships, what your future may hold. Sometimes, the answers you REALLY need are in the past. Maybe a past relationship was destined to fail in order to open the door for true love in the future. Maybe a past career or job that seemed senseless was necessary to give you the skills needed to succeed at a more important opportunity coming your way. Often, astrological insights about the past (why things went right or wrong) gives you an edge in grabbing future opportunities and avoiding potential hazards.

Astrology is a "science" to believers ... but to experienced astrologers, it is as much art as "science." As much as you think you know about astrology, there is always more to learn. Any computer can spit out star charts. A skilled astrologer must have the artist skill and "intuitive powers" to put together what the universe is trying to say. Be open minded. Allow your astrology reading to unfold.

Call Me Anytime For Astrological Guidance And Predictions Two different astrologers can look at an identical horoscope, an identical astrological chart, and see many possibilities regarding the same events. Astrological charts reveal potentials and possibilities, what forces are at work and why, and not necessarily fixed outcomes. In knowing what the future may hold and what forces are at work gives you the power to often alter HOW the future unfolds. Maybe the future holds that you heading for a fall ... but if that fall comes, by knowing about it, you just happen to be wearing a parachute. Maybe the future holds that your soulmate will enter your life at a particular time ... wouldn't it be great if you were single at that time and ready for a loving relationship. Wouldn't it be unfortunate to miss that opportunity to meet a soulmate because you were to busy with unimportant people and things.

It is a beautiful thing if you really connect with a particular astrologer. You would be surprised what a long term working relationship with a skilled astrologer can yield. If you find you find your life is suddenly working better because of your relationship with a particular astrologer, you have found yourself a great asset for dealing with important events in life. This happens more often than people think.

Talented astrologers often tend to work with a number of divination tools. It is not uncommon for an astrologer to suggest working with another divination tool such as numerology, tarot or even consulting spirit guides. This can be a good thing and in your best interests. For Truly A Profession Astrology Reading Give Me A Call You should seriously consider allowing your astrologer to utilize these tools on your behalf. Astrological charts and predictive patterns within astrology can sometimes give mixed signals. Your astrologer is working to get you the best answers, the best insights she/he can provide. Often these other divination tools can help clarify, confirm and provide a depth to the reading.

If this is your first astrology reading, welcome! We are so pleased you choose our site for your first live, personal astrology reading. Thank-you for giving us the chance to prove our chosen astrologers are some of the finest you will ever meet.

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